Culture, in the face of transformation

Culture, in the face of transformation. (sala 1.14)

PART 1 (10.15 – 11.45)

Mass Media and Popcultur

  1. TetyanaKuznyetsova, Mass-media as a factor of national culture transformation
  2. Manuela Marin, The Image of Communism in Romanian Popular Culture. A Case Study on the LibertateaNewspaper
  3. Nina Sorokina,Russian and Soviet advertising posters in the 20th Century

PART 2 (12.00-14.00)


  1. Aleksandra Rychlicka, Transformation and Its Ghostwriters: A Comparative Analysis of Short Stories from Aleksandar Hemon's Anthology Best European Fiction 2010;
  2. Olena Synytska, Ideological Clichés in Ukrainian Literary Criticism of the 1990s
  3. Anna Tretiak, Changing Direction: Post-Soviet Transformation of the Ukrainian Children's Book
  4. Paweł Rams, The new gay-face. Gay popular fiction after 1989

Part 3 (15.30 – 17.00)

Cinema and Visual Arts

  1. Sune Bechmann Pedersen, Negotiating the Nation in Newer German Cinema
  2. Marta Brzezińska, Youth, communism and the cinema – construction of the past in selected German, Polish and Czech films produced after 1989
  3. Maria Pasholok,Revolution on Wallpaper: Cultural Transformation of Post-Soviet Interior
  4. Anna Tretiak, Olena Synytska, Post-Soviet Transformations in Contemporary Kyiv: At the Intersection Point of Public and Cultural Spaces