Institutional aspects


Transformation in the context of structural and institutional aspects. (room 1.22) 4th March

PART 1 (10.15 – 12.15)

  1. AnastasiaKrasnosilska, Experiences of Central and Eastern European countries in institutional engineering and some    conclusions on democratic consolidation
  2. Oleksandr Demyanchuk,  Institutional isomorphism and politics in Ukraine
  3. Nevena Vlaykova, Black swans of democracy
  4. Arolda Elbasani, Involvement of Former Communist Parties and the Pursuit of Transitional Justice: Comparing Albania and Poland

PART 2 (12.30-14.00)

  1. Adele Pearson, Post soviet constitutions (How Post-Soviet Constitutions are Shaping Eastern Europe: The Cases of Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine)
  2. Katarzyna Guziak, Const regimes (The Transformation of the Constitutional Regimes in the Postcomunistic Countries from the perspective of economical analysis of constitutional law)
  3. Irina Ionescu, 1 Parliament, 2 Constitutions, 21 years: is it time for new game rules?
  4. Aleksandra Szczerba, The implication of the Constitution of the I Czechoslovak Republic for the shape of the constitutional order of the Czech Republic

PART 3 (15.30 – 17.00)

  1. Adam Jarosz, Transformation of the municipal political scenes in Poland and Eastern Germany on the example of Toruń and    Rostock
  2. Daniel Brett, Coming in from the cold? The transformation of parties and rural politic
  3. Zdeněk Kříž, Institutional aspects of Czech military transformation
  4. Dobromir Botev, In the Twilight of the Agents- Bulgarian Secret Police after 1989
  5. Georgiana-Virginia Bonea, Evolution of the Romanian social policies to prevent and combat domestic violence after the events of 1989