Nation, patriotism, nationalism

Redefinition of notions of the nation, patriotism and nationalism

Redefinition of notions of  the nation, patriotism and nationalism. 5th March

PART 1 (9.30 – 11.30)

  1. Pakhomenko Sergiy, «Ukrainian nationalism» vs «Patriotism of Donbas» : the withstand of the media images in the contemporary informational space of Donetsk District
  2. Olena Ivantsiv, The Phenomenon of the Donbas Regional Identity and its Correlation with the Ukrainian National Identity
  3. Toró Tibor, Building the Hungarian public sphere in Romania after 1989
  4. Jakub Wróblewski, National identity – definition and nature

PART 2 (12.00-14.00)

  1. Gennadii Korzhov, Regional and National Identity in the Making of New Nation-States
  2. Artem Gregoryanov, The identity policy in CEE: between the national canon and normative influence of EU, case of Ukraine and Bulgaria
  3. Olga Popovych, Oferty tożsamości narodowej w dyskursie politycznym władz wykonawczych na Ukrainie i na Słowacji (1991-1999): analiza porównawcza
  4. Zoriana Melnyk, Idea of patriotism and nationalism in Russia, Poland and Ukraine at the beginning of 1990-th and now. Comparative research

PART 3 (16.00 – 18.00)

  1. Andrea Cupea, History textbooks in Romania after the fall of the communist regime
  2. Andrea Talaber, The Return of the Saints: national holidays in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, 1989-1993 and beyond
  3. Nelly Bekus, National Development of Belarusians in the Context of Postcommunist Transformation. Between Nationalism and Patriotism